MSM # 404555

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004
Location: Quebec City, Que.
Current Owner: Michel and Lise Séguin
Owner Comments:

Original owners, purchased as an anniversary present to themselves  and now shows 111,370 Km on the odometer . It is mostly original except for the addition of a turbo boost gauge on the windshlied 'A' pillar and the wheels' finish that was redone when all four were damaged during two seperate incidents.


The trunk lid was authographed by Profesor Toshihiko Hirai, known as the father of the 1st generation Miata, when he visited Canada in 2008. Our club invited him to stay for the week-end and I had the pleasure of driving him out to some Miata-friendly roads in the nearby mountains on a Saturday morning.


I don't drive it quite as much as I used to because of the mororcycle but it saw 200 Km/h not too long ago (with top down) and it still trips the rev limiter every chance that I get.