Spotlight On - # 404461


Current Owner:

MCI Hertiage Collection

Previous Owners:

David & Margaret Christie

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It was the Summer of '04 and David & Margaret Christie dropped in on Orillia Mazda to check the Miatas in stock as they were looking for birthday present for Margaret's 50th and a 25th Wedding Anniversary present for themselves. They surveyed the inventory and were absolutely captivated by the 2004 Mazdaspeed in the showroom as it blew away all the other Miatas they saw. They were particularly drawn to the Velocity Red paint that seemed to "pop" in the sunlight. Of course, as with all major purchases there is a little trepidation so they left the showroom to ponder their options.
Back at home the justification process began with several discussions over the car comparing the pros and cons about buying a Miata. Make no mistake it wasn't about buying the Mazdaspeed as they decided if they were going to get a Miata this would be the one. A few days later the mutual decision to "go for it" was made and back to the dealership they went. So on July 24, 2004 David & Margaret Christie celebrated their anniversary plunking down $34,000 and taking delivery of #404461. 
Not a second of regret has followed the decision as they are still in love with the car today and it shows. The MSM has been babied and only shows 66,300 km on the clock. Obviously an all original vehicle that has been pampered so much only day trips were taken in it so it could be safe at home in bed every night.
This car is one in the initial batch of 25+ Canadian MSMs built during the first two days of production and being such an early car displays some unique variances from the "norm". Interesting to note is the unique floor mats this car carries as they are not your typical floor mat (see pics). David confirmed the car was delivered with them new. This MSM was also delivered without the aluminum Mazdaspeed oil cap.
Unfortunately health and other household issues led to the decision to sell the car after 13 years of ownership which leads to the next part of our story.
Posting the MSM for sale on AutoTrader not only generated interest from but also from the PR department of Mazda Canada itself.  Mazda Canada was in pursuit of a clean low mileage unmolested Mazdaspeed for their new Heritage Collection and noticed David & Margaret's ad and came calling. 
There is an agreement in place as of this writing pending a tech inspection by Mazda so #404461 will soon be leaving Orillia to reside in the Mazda Heritage collection at MCI Headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario where David and Margaret will be able to visit anytime they choose. A Happy Ending, no?